How to become black hat hacker


Become expert black hat hacker in 10 steps and skill sets you need to master to break into systems

Note: This article in not written for any illegal implementation, this is only for educational purposes and making people aware of how much vulnerable they are by working on computers, we are just depicting how much harmful the bad guys are. If anyone has issue with this article please reach us we will remove this article from the search.

10 steps or skill sets to become black hat hacker

1. Anonymity

Anonymity is important what I mean it is the only thing that can save you from being caught and can help you all over your journey in becoming successful hacker. Remember don't tell anybody you are a hacker and I can or could hack into you system or mobile, because when you do this it means you lost this battle. A hacker is who, who never be noticed by somebody you need to be like a agent of government agency. As government agencies agent is that kind of guy or girl who's identity is always hidden even no agent tell anyone or their parents that he or she is agent. Because anonymity is first priority you need to be familiar with. While surfing internet as a hacker you need anonymity otherwise you will be caught. Remember a hacker is not who, who is hidden from his or her surrounding a hacker can break into system via internet so you need to be anonymous over internet. 

* How to be anonymous

  • Use TOR ( the onion router) in tails software or I2P these are the browsers that will help you to keep your identity hidden.

  • Hide your identity everywhere it can be your society if you want to black hat hacker this is necessary to make yourself private at every step. Don't tell your parents or any of your relatives that you are a hacker be totally anonymous ( no chance of single mistake).
Best books for anonymity (learn how to be anonymous)

  • A Darknet journey: Buy here
  • Tor and Dark art of anonymity: Buy here

2. Computer Hardware

Hardware is the first thing you need to master because as a hacker you need to thoroughly understand what is happening inside the computer or how operations are taking part inside. Hardware is the first thing in computing you need to befully aware with because in your hacking journey you will get your hands in programming, when you need to program a staff you could be able to recognize the fact that how program is stored in computers memory and how it actually works.

* Skills in Hardware.

  • First learn about electric current because it's necessary as you know computer is electronic machine it totally depends on electricity.
  • Learn from scratch about the invention of computers.
  • Study about the Transistor, how it revolutionized the computing. (learn how electrons are working with binary or how electrons carry binary 0s&1s).
  • Get your hands dirty with integrated circuit, frequency (you will understand wireless technology better).
  • Learn how binary is flowing through Central Processing Unit (CPU), how keyboard, speaker or microphone, mouse is carrying binary.
  • Master the parts of CPU and how it works, how binary is actually implemented in computers.
Best book for Computer Hardware

  • Pc Hardware Reference: Buy here

3. Computer Software & Programming 

Before moving ahead to software journey learn what is in between hardware and software how they communicate with each other, how you can see movies or something else on monitor definitely it sound mesmerizing so how here you will be dealing with software but first lets have a look into things that help us communicate software with hardware.

* Skills to develop to understand how software and hardware communicate

  • Learn about kernel, firmware etc.
  • Learn how binary is actually written (don't afraid just only understand the basics of binary).
  • Now get your hands dirty with assembly language (this interacts with hardware) it will help you in hacking into computer memory and many more. Understand it well and practice it.
  • * Software skills
  • learn c programming following by c ++ then move to web development (databases) and android development.
  • learn swift as well (because it will help you in breaking into IOS).
  • Just learn the basics
Best books for Software and Programming

  • Intro to Assembly Language: Buy here
  • Intro to Binary code: Buy here
  • ANSI C : Buy here
  • Web Development: Buy here
  • Android Development: Buy here
  • Swift Basics: Buy here

4. Computer Networking

Networking is the core thing in computer and internet it teaches us how computers actually communicate world wide, you should to be fully aware of how data is flowing from data centers to local nodes or from local node to data centers. Understanding this will give you the idea about many hacking attacks like D Dos (buffer overflow) etc. And you can get to know more about your target.

* Skills required in Networking

  • TCP & IP
  • Subnet mask
  • Wireless Communication
  • DNS, Firewalls
  • Routers, Switches etc. (search more on google)
  • OSI Model
Best books for Computer Networking

  • Networking beginning guide: Buy here
  • CCNA Routing and Switching: Buy here

5. Linux and Hypervisor

Alright you don't need to program your own operating system as there is already one Linux and it's distribution, some of the most popular operating systems used for hacking are Kali Linux and Ubuntu. In Linux there are so many open source hacking tools that you will be in need of launching attack. Hypervisor (virtual machines) you need to be familiar with virtual machine software's such as Virtual Box and VM Ware as you will be running some of your own exploits for testing before implementing in target machine. Remember being familiar with hypervisor will help you in testing very big staff and running some software's that can compromise with your own system.

* Skills in Linux 
  • Shell (most important)
  • Scripting (languages like Python, Perl, Ruby, PHP and many more)
  • Metasploit
  • Hacking Tools in Linux
Best book to learn Linux 
  • Linux Complete Reference: Buy here

6. Malware

When you will be hacking into systems you will need deep understanding of malware and should be able to code your own malware. You need to understand different forms of malware such as trojans, worms, spyware etc. Almost be expert in this field you will need this every time. I recommend code your own malware otherwise you will be called Script Kiddie. By learning malware you can easily get into any target machine. You need to be much confident while writing you own malware (malware that is undetected).

* Skills in Malware
  • Ransomware
  • Spyware
  • Trojans
  • Worms
  • RAT (remote access trojan)
  • Rootkits
  • Adware 
  • Bots
And remember learn about different types of cyber attacks and how they are launched

Best books to learn Malware 
  • Malware Analysis: Buy here
  • Hacking Exposed Malware & Rootkits: Buy here

7. Cryptography

In cryptography you will be dealing with cipher text, learning cryptography will make you easy to listen to the conversation about A and B. Remember you don't need to be expert at cryptography but understanding cryptographic algorithms and by securing your identity you will be in need of it. It can help you in decoding of various encrypted credentials and you can also secure your own data by means of encryption.

* Skills in Cryptography

  • AES
  • MD5 (research more on google)
  • Triple DES
  • SHA 256
Best books for Cryptography
  • Intro to Cryptography: Buy here
  • Cipher and Secret Writing: Buy here

8. Reverse Engineering

In today's world nobody writes their own exploits from scratch because it can take much time and is bit complex but you should be able to understand the exploits here comes Reverse Engineering you can rebuild any software and decode it by means of reverse engineering (important skill). You can take anyone's exploit and understand that and rebuild that with your own signatures.

* Skills in Reverse Engineering

  • Apktool
  • Ghidra (NSA tool)
  • Olydbg

For more tools research and choose best one.

Best books for Reverse Engineering
  • Mastering Reverse Engineering: Buy here
  • Ghidra Reverse Engineering: Buy here

9. Dark Web or Hackathons

Accessing dark web as a hacker can help you in building contacts with other hackers and you can make money by selling your exploits or malware. You can also freelance your skills on dark web. You can contact many people there and you can build your own site to do some high level freelance work. You can send receive messages from other hackers where from you will get so much experience and you can be called for hackathons etc. You can also take government projects or work for government there.

* What  you need

  • Tor browser
  • Anonymity 
Best book for Dark web
  • The Digital Underworld: Buy here
10. Problem Solving

At last one of the most important thing for any computer geek is problem solving because when you stuck anywhere you get demotivated and you left. But if you want to be expert in black hat hacking you need to be patient and don't loose faith if you fall come again if you fall again listen to your mistakes and come with new approaches one day you will be perfect black hat hacker and please don't let your data anywhere erase yourself everywhere on internet.

Best books to learn problem solving
  • Problem Solving Ninja as Hacker: Buy here

Why hacking?

In early 80s and 90s nuclear power was the big deal and like the battle field for any subcontinent like United States and Soviet Union. But later on this power was acquired by many developing nations such as India, Pakistan, Iran and many more. Later on in early 21st century this nuclear power was depicted as fashion because the technology replaced it from nuclear power to cyber warfare. It means today's powerful country is not one who has enough nuclear power but one who has robust eye in cyber warfare. Because cyber warfare is the modern battle field. Many countries are training their citizens in this battle such as United States, Russia, Iran, North Korea etc. These countries are hiring hackers and pay them a very large money. Hackers are using their skills to attack on target systems so they could get valuable credentials. 

This was the roadmap of how we can become a black hat hacker.  You might be asking yourself what is the difference between these terms hacker and black hat hacker. Actually there are three types of hackers Black hat, White hat and Grey hat hackers. A Black hat hackers are bad guys they break into systems and take valuable information about the target. White hat hackers are good guys they work as a security for target machines they secure networks or nodes from getting hacked and Grey hat hackers are those who fall in between they are both they break into systems and secure systems that are vulnerable. Ok now refresh your mind and tell yourself why you want to be a black hat hacker, because breaking into systems can be very sucking or painful to you. Remember there is no chance to make any mistake else you will spend all of your life behind the bars. 

Ok don't loose faith you should to do what you want to become. Remember you can't be black hat hacker over night. It can take up to 2-3 or 5 years to master these skills. 

Anyone can be black hat hacker it doesn't mean how old you are or how young you are if you want you will do it. At end we want to suggest some of the core thoughts in black hat hacking. if you follow this you will be successful. 

  • Patient
  • Anonymous
  • Don't tell anyone you are hacker even your parents
  • You could be hated by someone but you are not telling them what is the truth
  • You can't be hacker over night remember journey is long
  • Don't hack anybody's computer for fun, showing them who you are, revenge
  • Don't hurt anyone if you're gonna hack someone's social media account for some reason's you will be called as kid or by other means (Script Kiddie)
  • Don't loose your faith for some money
  • Think creative before doing some creative
  • Keep practicing 
  • Don't use social media or put your data on internet
  • Create you internet identity something unique (that doesn't match anything related you)
  • Best of luck for your journey
Remember this article is not written for any illegal use this is only for educational purposes.

OK Wrap up.
Thanks for reading the blog.
Team Shexion 

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